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Our photography and virtual tours are chosen over the competition on a daily basis by real estate agents and intelligent business owners who demand the best solutions to showcase their properties online. As a virtual tour provider using the latest technology, and having been doing this for over 18 years, we can provide you with professional home photography/tours as well as commercial photography in a timely fashion.

Call today to learn about our virtual tour's capabilities, answer your virtual tour software and hardware questions, and make you feel comfortable about doing business with the most experienced virtual tour company around.

Virtual tours...and more!

Besides doing virtual tours, we also do other real estate technology (hey, we used to be called Technology For Realtors!), including the first local provider of agent and brokerage websites. 

Real estate solutions....and more!

Besides our real estate niche, we also do many virtual tours, websites and other technology services for other businesses. Call us to see how we can help you!

Real estate photography....and more!

If you need wedding, family, or newborn photography, please contact Scott & Jen Elder at Midwest LifeShots Photography.  Visit their website to learn more:

Scott & Jen Elder, Owners & Lead Photographers

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How do I know what to order?

We offer so many options that sometimes agents get confused as to what to order.  We allow you to use our services precisely as best fits each individual property. But we classify our offerings into 3 basic products, and it's how you should order from us:

1. STILLS ONLY -- This is when you only want us to shoot photos for use in the MLS system.  Basic cost is $49 for the session and $2/still.  We even upload into the FlexMLS system for you!

2. STILLS TOUR -- This is a full-fledged tour filled with still photos.  This adds $30 to the 'stills only' price to create, publish and deliver the tour to thousands of websites, including!  Both the stills and the virtual tour are uploaded to the FlexMLS sytem for you (as well as the thousands of other websites).

3. PANO TOUR and STILLS -- This is the same tour as a Stills Tour, but adds partial and/or full 360 panoramic scenes. The key phrase here is: "includes panos".  For panoramic shots we stitch together multiple photos. Each panorama adds $10-$15 to the cost.

COMMON QUESTION: Do I need to do panos (panoramas)? ANSWER: With our wide angle lenses we can capture most rooms, large and small, with one still photo. But large open spaces sometimes cry out for a panorama.  Panos are great when the user can't get a good sense of the area without looking in multiple directions.  A large master with a master bath and/or fireplace is a good example.  Great rooms which are open to the kitchen and/or dining are also prime candidates.  Sometimes the exterior is the most important place to do a pano, particularly large areas and scenic areas.  River properties, farms, and large yards all are great candidates for a pano. 

COMMON QUESTION 2: How many panos do I have to order? ANSWER: 1, 2, 3, ever many you want!  Again, we don't have 'packages' - we just do what works for you, the homeowner, and the property.  Often agents say: "Just do what works best to showcase the property!" and we are very comfortable deciding whether to do one or more panos, and sometimes we say none are needed! But agents are welcome to tell us specific panos they want. 

ONE FINAL NOTE ON TOURS: Sometimes agents actually feel badly that they are only ordering still photos (no tour), or ordering only a Stills Tour (no panos).  Don't!! The most important thing you can do to market your home is to have great photos.  Quite frankly, the $30 extra to make it a tour is just above our cost, and we only make $2 on a pano.  So please do what works best for you.  We are happy to do just stills!  But we encourage you to have us create a tour for you because there is SO much included with our Fusion tour and homeowners and buyers love them! 

4. AERIAL PHOTOGRAPHY - Wow! Want to add magic to property photos?  Take some from the sky! Your sellers will be impressed, and so will buyers.  Set your self apart.  Not all properties need aerials, but large lots, farms, acreages can really benefit from aerials.  We are FAA sUAS (drone) certified and have years of experience. And if you are also having us do your 'ground' stills, then you save $50 on an aerial session.  They are typically scheduled separately from regular photography, and are weather dependent. Wind, clouds, precipitation all atre factors. But when done, they really add to the listing. Order one today! See the difference aerial photography makes!