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Our photography and virtual tours are chosen over the competition on a daily basis by real estate agents and intelligent business owners who demand the best solutions to showcase their properties online. As a virtual tour provider using the latest technology, and having been doing this for over 18 years, we can provide you with professional home photography/tours as well as commercial photography in a timely fashion.

Call today to learn about our virtual tour's capabilities, answer your virtual tour software and hardware questions, and make you feel comfortable about doing business with the most experienced virtual tour company around.

Virtual tours...and more!

Besides doing virtual tours, we also do other real estate technology (hey, we used to be called Technology For Realtors!), including the first local provider of agent and brokerage websites. 

Real estate solutions....and more!

Besides our real estate niche, we also do many virtual tours, websites and other technology services for other businesses. Call us to see how we can help you!

Real estate photography....and more!

If you need wedding, family, or newborn photography, please contact Scott & Jen Elder at Midwest LifeShots Photography.  Visit their website to learn more:

Scott & Jen Elder, Owners & Lead Photographers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: When can you schedule me for photos?

Answer: We do this full-time.  Home shoots are scheduled between 9 AM and 3 PM during Daylight Savings Time and 10 AM - 2 PM during Standard Time (winter).  We work Monday through Friday, but if you have a compelling reason to have a shoot done on the week-end, if a photographer is available and willing to do it, then we'll get it done for you!

Question: When do you want me to pay you?

Answer: Unlike appraisers and inspectors, we do not need money up-front (nor do you need to be present when we shoot). Since we only charge for the actual number of photos you have delivered we don't know the charges until after we have delivered the photos and/or tour to you.  Once we have determined the charges, we will then charge your credit or debit card, which we need to have on file.  To keep costs down we do not invoice or bill for our work.  We accept all major credit cards, including Discover and American Express.

Question: How soon will I receive my still photos?

Answer: We deliver still photos before the end of the next business day after shooting.  This is typically between 3 and 5 PM.  We will deliver them to you and your front desk if we have that contact information.  If we have been provided an MLS number, we will upload the stills to the FlexMLS system on your behalf in the same time-frame. You may Expedite delivery to 9 AM for $20.  See our REALTOR Fine Print page. Expedited delivery is usually waiting for you when you wake up in the morning, but we can't provide an absolute guarantee on that!

Question: How quickly will my tours be online?

Answer:  Tours are delivered before the end of the next business day after shooting IF the listing is in the MLS.  In this case we mean before midnight since we typically put together tours in the evening of the second day.   If the listing is not in MLS the day after shooting, then the tour is delivered within 1 full business day of your providing us the MLS number. You must inform us of the MLS number since we don't check daily for that information.

Question: Will you do a seasonal update for me?

Answer: Absolutely.  We will do an exterior seasonal change-out for the following special priceFor our regular session fee of $39 we will shoot up to 5 exterior photos for free (a $12.50 savings).  This includes putting the new photos in the tour and on the FlexMLS system, too!  Additional photos beyond 5 and/or interior photos are billed at the normal rate of $2.50/each, plus you'll need to pay any trip charges that may apply.  We do all 4 seasons!  And "non-seasonal" upgrades for newly painted rooms, new landscaping, etc. are also available. Replacement pano shots are always $10 additional.

Question: Can I have my own photos or photos from the seller added to the tour?

Answer:  Maybe.  You can't do it yourself, but we're happy to add them into the system if they meet certain requirements. The photos must be large enough and of good enough quality.  The photos must be a minimum of 2000 pixels wide and of high quality.  We will determine suitability and let you know if the photos do not meet our requirements. They must be delivered as "attachments" to an email (not embedded).  We may make digital adjustments to the photos for enhancement purposes.  Cost to add photos supplied by you or the seller is $2.50 each. Once added you may adjust location in the tour through your portal access.

Question: Do you cancel tours in bad weather?

Answer: Sometimes. We have learned that if we rescheduled every time bad weather was forecast we'd never get any tours done! And many times that they call for rain or snow it's not actually doing anything when we go out.  If it's raining when we get there we start inside and can often do the outside at the finish.  So in general we proceed regardless of weather.  That having been said, you may direct us to not go out, and if you do, we ask that you give us 3 hours advance notice.  Also, if there is a weather Warning issued, we reserve the right to reschedule, especially in the winter, so our photographers aren't out in dangerous situations.  If we can only do the inside and not get to the outside until another day, the extra cost is $39 for the session fee. 

Question: Do you edit my photos?

Answer: Always. Our Photoshop work includes exposure level, contrast, highlights, shadows, black density, clarity, vibrance, colors, temperature, and EASY cloning (when requested).  See the next question on "Photoshopping out" unwanted items.

Question: Will you "Photoshop" out items we don't want in the photos?

Answer: Maybe.  We've been asked to clone out (the Photoshop term) snow after receiving 10" the previous day! Sorry, we can't do the impossible!  But IF we can do it we will.  If it's a very simple thing like a small item surrounded by what you would rather show (grass, snow, etc) then we will probably do that for free. But anything beyond "very simple" can add considerable time to our work and you will be charged for that work depending on the complexity of the work.  Expect to pay $15 - $30 for detailed or extensive cloning on a photo.

Question: Once I purchase photos or a tour do I own the images?

Answer:  No.  As is generally true with any professional photographer, images are owned by the photography company and licensed to you for use.  An exclusive-use license is available for an extra cost.  Southeast Minnesota Technology retains ownership in all cases.

Question: If I lose the listing will you let another agent use my tour (since you own the images)?

Answer: No. Even though we have the right to re-use the photos for another agent, we won't do that without your permission.  If the homeowner paid for the tour, then it would be the homeowner's decision regarding re-use of the phtos and/or tour.

Question: Are your tours MLS compliant?

Answer: Yes. We offer multiple viewing formats for each virtual tour. The different formats (typically Branded and Unbranded) are viewable by clicking on unique links that we provide. Each type of tour has a varying degree of feature restriction so you may use the tour with the most features while still meeting the requirements of the MLS.

Question: When will my virtual tours expire?

Answer: Your virtual tours will expire after one year. For a nominal fee each virtual tour can be renewed for another year.

Question: If I change my company or contact information, do I have to recreate my tours?

Answer: No. If you change your contact information, you simply need to let us know and we will update the changes in your online profile. All of your tours will automatically update and the existing links to the tours will remain the same. You can also change your information yourself using your personal tour portal we provide!

Question: Can I place a link to a map of the property location on my tours?

Answer: Yes. A link to a map of the property is automatically generated.

Question: Can I place a printable flyer on my tour?

Answer: Yes. We include a customized flyer with each tour at no additional cost!

Question: Where do you link the tours to?

Answer: We will post your tour to the FlexMLS system and all IDX sites (most agent and broker sites).  We will also post to on your behalf.  We supply you with the links to your virtual tours so that you can place them onto your website and other Realtor websites. If the virtual tour is a real estate tour, it is automatically sent to at no additional charge as long as the MLS sends their listings to there. 

Are there additional sites I can post to?

Answer: For a nominal fee of $20 we will also post your tour to Trulia, and will also create a YouTube video and post it to YouTube!  Just ask for our Exposure Engine package!

Question: What is the charge to post tours to

Answer: Nothing! We now include posting to even if you are not "Showcased".  We also send your tours to at no charge to you.